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Etiopathie Technique réflexe

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Livre sur la Méthode Moneyron

Publication of the book
By Anne Moneyron, in L'Harmattan Editions.

Neither technical guide, nor a biography, this publication is an understanding, crossed and reflexive, of the complexity of the Method Jean Moneyron from the concepts and the knowledge current on the mechanisms of the care and the health. To understand this manual method of care, five authors, among whom two of his daughters, conjugate their quadruple experience of life, that of their learning, their practice, of their research, and finally that of their memory of Jean Moneyron in the creation and the practice of its method.
Pharmacist-bonesetter, to and in spite of the dominant historic context, it is in the family lineage of the care that was his that heremains.
For him, to know how to look meant sending the therapeutic gesture by an attention shown to the Other as the human person and not as the only place of a pathology.
Beyond the present technical quality itself in the cartography and the unwound of « reflexive points », it is, in the Method Jean Moneyron, the presence of a specific sensitive touch to the development of the gesture that the authors attempted to present. Their wish is to facilitate the transmission as closely as possible to the originality and the reality of this method, and to accompany its learning during a difficult and long transformation of the practice of the care.

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