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Etiopathie Technique réflexe

Titre rubrique The method and its learning

Jean Moneyron's method is qualified by its apparent simplicity, rapidity and efficiency.

It's a manual method of reflex reharmonizing of the articulations of the spine and links having a widespread repercussion on the whole balance of the body. The therapeutic action applies on reflexogen target points that regulate the concerned level.

In order to be therapeutic, those points must be able to get the "reflex message". To that end, they have to be in a "state of lesion" which means that the connective tissue at that level presents an alteration which is stable in its qualities.

The whole precision of that therapeutic approach lies in the appreciation of the connective tissue, which makes people think it's nearer to art than science.

Another difficulty lies in the quality of the therapeutic gesture which needs to be well adapted as far as the application point is concerned as well as its depth and intensity ; the necessary efficiency of the practician will only be reached through his qualities of perception.

Being based both on action and perception, this method will be acquired in fact by practice and experience mainly.

The teaching will necessarily insist on the aptitude to touch and presence of the therapist.

It must therefore be guided and adapted to the student and respect the progression of the perceptive and gestural acquisitions required to be efficient.

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