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Etiopathie Technique réflexe

Titre rubrique The training


Initial teaching include 3 periods of 2 days, on the base of 6 hours a day.

  • Basic seminary including :
    - an introduction to the method
    - location of the points on the upper limb
    - location of the points on the lower limb
    - introduction to the therapic gesture and application of this one on the located points

  • Improvement seminary one month later including :
    - perception work on the spinal column
    - description and location of the points
    - practice of the therapic gesture
    - revision of the points of the first seminar

  • Seminary for a thorough training, 3 months later :
    - precision about the gesture, qualitative research
    - abdominal methodology / handling
    - role-playing by every pupil with assessment grid
    - therapic application

Information and registrations for the initial training

L'ADMM cessant son activité pour cause de retraite de ses dirigeants au 31 décembre 2020, Françoise Toulouze-Moneyron poursuivra la formation à cette méthode au sein de L'institut de Formation Supérieur en Ostéopathie de Vichy, 4 rue du Général Gallieni 03200 Vichy, tél: 04 63 01 10 90.

Désormais c'est donc l'IFSO qui est chargé de l'organisation de la formation à la méthode Moneyron.

Pour tout renseignement sur le stage de formation, merci de contacter l'IFSO : contact@ifso-vichy.com Formation Moneyron IFSO Vichy


Formations are made by Françoise Moneyron. She is at the moment accompanied on every training course by a trainer, introduced by her(his) care and having a practice regularly according to the method.

Admittance conditions

Taking part of the seminaries requires at least a training as physiotherapist.

* Only the students having attended all the sessions will be given a training certificate.

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